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    The HEA offers members an opportunity to exchange business leads and information with the goal of gaining an advantage in timing over nonmember competitors. Member firms share the common objectives of improving sales, and maintaining market presence while practicing high standards and honorable business ethics. Service provided by member companies is regarded as being equal to or surpassing that of a competitor.

    Established in 1972, the Honolulu Executives Association was formed to provide a networking opportunity for members, all of whom are key players in the local business community. Although the HEA is not a social, service or fundraising organization, there are several social activities throughout the year, including the annual golf tournament and seasonal celebrations. Member firms also host Open House functions throughout the year, to aid in familiarizing each member with the business of the others.

    Benefits include access to top management in diverse fields, direct and indirect business leads, and the opportunity to network with an enthusiastic, diversified group of people who may provide relevant information before it becomes public knowledge. Membership is open to any legitimate business that has been operating in the State of Hawaii for at least one full year. Membership is held by the member’s firm and the representative is to be an owner, officer or other key personnel of the firm. Only one member per business category is allowed.